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Loreto Mauleón . He has won an Platino Awards and an Feroz Awards. He's known for Patria (TV Miniseries) (2020), Besos al aire (TV Miniseries) (2021) and The Cloud Painting Machine (2009).

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  • La ermita
    Emma (Maia Zaitegi) wants to learn to communicate with the spirit of a girl who has been trapped for centuries in the hermitage of her village. She tries to convince Carol (Belén Rueda), an incredulous and false medium, to teach ...
    Spain  2023
  • La chica de nieve (TV Series)
    TV Miniseries (2023). 6 episodes. Málaga, year 2010, On Christmas, the most magical moment of the year becomes nightmare for the Martín family when his daughter Amaya disappears among the crowd. Miren (Milena Smit), a young jour...
    Spain  2023
  • God's Crooked Lines
    Alice, a private investigator, checks into a psychiatric hospital feigning paranoia with the goal of collecting evidence for the case she is working on: the death of an inmate in unclear circumstances. But the reality she faces in...
    Spain  2022
  • Patria (TV Miniseries)
    TV Miniseries (8 episodes) “Patria” studies the impact of the Basque conflict on ordinary people on either side of the divide, such as the widow of a man shot dead by the armed separatist group ETA who returns to her home vill...
    Character:  Arantxa 8 episodes, 2020
    Spain  2020