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Xavi Sáez . He's known for No sé decir adiós (2017), Las leyes de la frontera (2021) and The Innocent (El inocente) (TV Miniseries) (2021).

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  • Loli Tormenta
    Lola, the modern and chaotic grandmother of Edgar and Robert, took care of them after the death of her daughter a few years ago. The three live in a modest house of the outskirts in Barcelona, and nothing makes them suspect that t...
    Spain  2023
  • Modelo 77
    A young accountant, awaiting trial in 1977 for embezzlement with a possible 20 years sentence, joins a group of prisoners demanding amnesty.
    Spain  2022
  • Las leyes de la frontera
    The story begins in summer 1978. Nacho Cañas, a shy student and something of a misfit, is seventeen years old and lives in Girona. His meeting with Zarco and Tere, two young tearaways from the city’s red-light district, catapul...
    Character: Hidalgo
    Spain  2021
  • Perfect Life (TV Series)
    Maria, Esther and Cristina are three adult and complex women who are right in the middle of a life crisis. They have realized that the plans they had made for themselves haven’t really gotten them the long-promised happiness the...
    Spain  2019
  • Jean-François and the Meaning of Life
    A twelve-year-old existentialist kid runs away from home to meet his favorite philosopher, Albert Camus, not knowing he has been dead for fifty years. On his way he finds love and rejection for the first time in his life.
    Spain  2018
  • El día de mañana (TV Miniseries)
    TV Miniseries (2018). 6 Episodes. Justo Gil, a restless young man full of ambition, arrives as just another immigrant to the prosperous and promising Barcelona of the 1960s, with nothing in his pockets and ready to become a succes...
    Spain  2018