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Berta Hernández . He's known for Rescue Under Fire (2017), The Fury of a Patient Man (2016) and Feria: The Darkest Light (TV Series) (2022).

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  • Feria: The Darkest Light (TV Series)
    Feria, Andalusia, mid-1990s. Two sisters, Eva and Sofía, discover that their missing parents are actually two monsters who, before disappearing, committed a horrendous crime that costed the lives of 23 victims. The two sisters ha...
    Character:  Verónica 8 episodes, 2022
    Spain  2022
  • The Fury of a Patient Man
    Madrid, August 2007. Curro is the only one arrested for the robbery of a jewelry store. Eight years later, his girlfriend Ana and their son are waiting for Curro to get out of prison. Jose is a solitary and reserved man who just d...
    Spain  2016