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Manuela Couto . He's known for Al Berto (2017), Blood Curse (2006) and Amor Impossível (2015).

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  • Grand Tour
    Rangoon, Burma, 1917. Edward, a civil servant for the British Empire, runs away from his fiancée Molly the day she arrives to get married. During his travels, however, panic gives way to melancholy. Contemplating the emptiness of...
    Portugal  2024
  • Al Berto
    It's the summer of '75 in Sines, Portugal. Al Berto, the writer, embodies an entire moving generation. He and his friends exude youth, eccentricity and hope for the future - but right after the fall of Portugal's dictatorship syst...
    Portugal  2017
  • Amor Impossível
    Cristina disappears. Tiago, her boyfriend, says that she was kidnapped, two police officers (Marco and Madalena) investigate the case and try to find the truth.
    Portugal  2015
  • Blood Curse
    Dr. Monteiro inherits an old house from his grand-uncle and decides to move his family from the comforts of the city to the small Portuguese countryside for a change of scenery. Once there many strange things begin to occur that m...
    Character: Helena Oliveira Monteiro
    Portugal  2006