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Riku Hagiwara . He's known for Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High (2017), 12 Suicidal Teens (2019) and Hagane no onna (TV Series) (2010).

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  • Don’t Call It Mystery
    Kuno Totono is a university student, extremely intelligent, but who has no friends or girlfriend. Kuno Totono loves to talk and can often solve difficult problems simply by talking. One day, Kuno Totono visits the city of Hiroshim...
    Character: Neo Hahakabe
    Japan  2023
  • Ox-Head Village
    In a so-called "spirit video", Kanon (Kôki) is astonished to see a high-school girl who looks exactly like her.
    Japan  2022
  • Little Nights, Little Love
    ased on the collected short stories of Kotaro Isaka, "Little Nights, Little Love" follows the lives of a young man and woman and those around them – friends, colleagues and children – over a 10-year period, showing h...
    Japan  2019
  • 12 Suicidal Teens
    Twelve kids go into an abandoned hospital to give up on life. In the room where they meet, a boy is already lying dead, and no one knows who he is.
    Japan  2019
  • Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High
    Teiichi dreams of one day being the ruler of his own empire, but to get there he needs to make sure that his candidate for class president at his elite high school wins the election. This is a high school election fought with all ...
    Character: Nishizo Nezu
    Japan  2017