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Santi Ugalde . He's known for Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang (2013), Negociador (2014) and Spanish Affair (2014).

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  • 1000 Miles from Christmas
    A 30 something-year-old gets swept up in the spirit of Christmas as he reluctantly gets carried away.
    Spain  2021
  • Down There (TV Series)
    How could a shy guy from the North expect that a mother in a coma, a chatty nurse ´from the South and a hospital kitchen could be the perfect ingredients for a happy life?
    Spain  2015
  • Spanish Affair
    A comedy about a rich kid from Andalusia who passes himself off as Basque in order to win the heart of the only woman who ever resisted his charms. Rafa (Dani Rovira) has to travel to the north of Spain to follow Amaia (Clara Lago...
    Spain  2014
  • Negociador
    Manu Aranguren is a Basque politician who acts as a mediator for the Spanish government in its negotiations with ETA. Far from being a solemn, calculated occasion, unexpected occurrences, slip-ups or misunderstandings soon kick in...
    Character: Guardaespaldas
    Spain  2014
  • Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang
    Zipi and Zape are grounded and have to spend the summer at Esperanza, a brainwashing school directed with an iron fist and eye-patch by the terrible Falconetti.
    Character: Profesor 1
    Spain  2013
  • Friend Zone
    Pagafantas (from Latin pag-fantas paying fantas) - adjective describing the male subject who is constantly ridiculed because he believes he is having a relationship with a female subject who only considers him a friend and uses hi...
    Spain  2009