Simon Kunz

Profession: Actor
Simon Kunz
Birthdate: October 15, 1962
Age: 61 years
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Horoscope: Libra


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Simon Kunz is an British Actor. He's known for Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), Match Point (2005) and The Parent Trap (1998).

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  • Jericho Ridge
    Sheriff of the North Washington county finds herself alone in her office one night, soon she finds out they've been set up by a murderous drug cartel where she must battle desperately to save herself and her son.
    United Kingdom  2022
  • Eight for Silver
    In the late 1800s, a man arrives in a remote country village to investigate an attack by a wild animal but discovers a much deeper and sinister force that has the manor and its townspeople in its grip.
    Character: Mr. Griffin
    United States  2021
  • Blithe Spirit
    A spiritualist medium holds a seance for a writer suffering from writers block but accidentally summons the spirit of his deceased first wife which leads to an increasingly complex love triangle with his current wife of five years
    Character: Henry Mackintosh
    United Kingdom  2020
  • This Time with Alan Partridge (TV Series)
    Alan is handed a career lifeline - the chance to stand in (temporarily) as co-host on This Time, a weekday magazine show. But can he capitalise on the opportunity?
    United Kingdom  2019
  • The Foreigner
    The story of humble London businessman Quan (Jackie Chan), whose long-buried past erupts in a revenge-fueled vendetta when the only person left for him to love - his teenage daughter - is taken from him in a senseless act of polit...
    Character: Matthew Rice
    United Kingdom  2017
  • The Current War
    Electricity titans Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse compete to create a sustainable system and market it to the American people.
    Character: Womack
    United States  2017
  • The Last Kingdom (TV Series)
    The year is 872, and many of the separate kingdoms of what we now know as England have fallen to the invading Danes, leaving the great kingdom of Wessex standing alone and defiant under the command of King Alfred. Against this tur...
    Character:  Odda / ... 13 episodes, 2015-2017
    United Kingdom  2015
  • Walking with the Enemy
    Set in Hungary during the final months of World War ll, a young man sets out to find his displaced family by stealing a Nazi uniform to pose as an officer. Filled with suspense and danger, he undertakes extraordinary measures to r...
    Character: Jozsef Greenberg
    United States  2014
  • The Bible (TV Miniseries)
    This is a 10-hour, five-part, mini-series. It will tell some of the best-known stories from the most popular book in human history, from Noah's Ark and the Exodus to Daniel in the Lion's Den to the crucifixion and resurrection of
    United States  2013
  • Trance
    Simon (James McAvoy), a fine art auctioneer, teams up with a criminal gang to steal a Goya paintingworth millions of dollars, but after suffering a blow to the head during the heist he awakens to discover he has no memory of where...
    United Kingdom  2013
  • Endeavour (TV Series)
    TV Series (2013- ). Set in 1965, the series centers on the early career of Endeavour Morse (Shaun Evans) after leaving his Oxford college without taking a degree and joining the police, working with CID and developing the notable ...
    United Kingdom  2012
  • Captain America: The First Avenger
    The introduction and origin of Steve Rogers, a soldier given a serum that turns him into the super-soldier Captain America! After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) volunteers to participate in an ...
    Character: 4F Doctor
    United States  2011
  • Sherlock (TV Series)
    TV Series. Co-created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, Sherlock stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the new Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as his loyal friend, Doctor John Watson. Rupert Graves plays Inspector Lestrade. The iconic...
    United Kingdom  2010
  • Poppy Shakespeare (TV)
    N has been a day patient at north London's Dorothy Fish day hospital for 13 years - her ambition is never to leave. Then she meets glamourous new patient Poppy Shakespeare, an ad agency receptionist convinced she's not mad.
    United Kingdom  2008
  • Match Point
    Match Point is a drama about a young man's rise in society and the terrible consequences of his ambition. The protagonist is torn between two women and finding no way out, resorts to extreme action. The actors are all English and ...
    Character: Rod Carver
    United Kingdom  2005
  • The Affair of the Necklace
    Paris, 1786: a woman in court. The Crown murdered her father for his views about the poor, now Jeanne wants her home and good name back. She believes all can be set right if she can talk to the Queen, whose House Minister rebuffs ...
    United States  2001
  • Tube Tales
    Nine stories based on the true-life experiences of London Underground passengers.
    Character: White Pinstripe Suit Man (segment "Steal Away")
    United Kingdom  1999
  • Jeremiah (TV)
    The overwhelming conclusion of this 94-minute movie is that being a prophet is tough. Jeremiah (Patrick Dempsey) is repeatedly imprisoned and beaten, dropped into a muddy well face first, and forced to witness the stabbing death o...
    Italy  1998
  • Brass Eye (TV Series)
    TV Series (1997). 1 season. 7 episodes. Controversal spoof of current-affairs TV and the role of celebrity in the UK. The series was repeated in 2001 along with a new show. It tackled paedophilia and the moral panic in parts of th...
    Character:  Captain Mervyn Bruge / ... 2 episodes, 1997
    United Kingdom  1997
  • Goldeneye
    Under the new female M, James Bond is assigned to track down a stolen Mirage fighter helicopter that was used in an attack to commandeer and then destroy the control installation of the top secret Russian Goldeneye electromagnetic...
    United Kingdom  1995
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral
    Charles (Hugh Grant) is a confirmed British bachelor with a colorful romantic background who meets the perfect woman, Carrie (Andie MacDowell), at a friend's wedding. However, Charles's hopes of romance are dashed when Carrie anno...
    United Kingdom  1994

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