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Stuart Smith . He's known for Fanny (1961), Ninja: Silent Assassin (1987) and Death Code: Ninja (1987).

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  • Bloodfight
    Years after retiring from the world of free fighting martial arts, a man returns to the deadly world of fighting after his best student is killed in the tournament.
    Character: Gang Leader (as Stuart Smita)
    Hong Kong  1989
  • Ninja Avengers
    A hostile warrior just released from prison is hell bent on killing the missionary priest who put him behind bars. Meanwhile, the priest teams up with another pure spirited ninja to capture the leader of a gang of thieves terroriz...
    Hong Kong  1987
  • Ninja 8: Warriors of Fire
    When a young girl is killed by an unscrupulous criminal, her sister seeks revenge in the form of a deadly ninja.
    Hong Kong  1987
  • Ninja: Silent Assassin
    When police officer Alvin loses both his star witness and his wife to drug kingpin (and ninja assassin) Rudolph, he vows to get revenge. Travelling to Hong Kong, hot on Rudolph's trail, he teams up with local investigators Gordon,...
    Character: Rudolph
    Hong Kong  1987
  • Death Code: Ninja
    International intrigue surrounds this battle for possession of a secret war map that could mean the end of the world.
    Character: Ninja
    Hong Kong  1987
  • Ninja Hunt
    CIA Agent vs. ninjas in a battle for a chemical weapon.
    Hong Kong  1986
  • Fanny
    Almost 19-year-old Marius (Horst Buchholz) feels himself in a rut in Marseille, his life planned for him by his cafe'-owning father, and he longs for the sea. The night before he is to leave on a 5-year voyage, Fanny (Leslie Caron...
    United States  1961