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Breno Silveira Nominations & Awards

Cinema Brazil Grand Prize

Breno Silveira . He has won an Cinema Brazil Grand Prize. He's known for 1 Contra Todos (TV Series) (2016), Dom (TV Series) (2021) and Gonzaga: De Pai pra Filho (2012).

All Movies of Breno Silveira

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  • Dom (TV Series)
    8 Episodes. It tells true story of Victor, a police officer who dedicated his life to the war against drug trafficking, and his son Pedro, a young drug addict who became one of the most wanted criminals in Rio de Janeiro at the ea
    Director of the film
    Brazil  2021
  • Entre Irmãs
    In the thirties, two sisters separated by fate face prejudice and sexism, one by the high society in a big city and the other by a group of renegades in the countryside. Despite the distance, they know that they can only count on ...
    Director of the film
    Brazil  2017
  • 1 Contra Todos (TV Series)
    The story of Cadu, a public defender who sees his life change after being mistaken for a drug dealer and end up stuck.
    Director of the film
    Brazil  2016
  • Along the Way
    To escape past traumas, a truck driver John decides to leave his hometown behind and travel cross the country. Alone and lonely he drives all over Brazil until John discovers hiding in his truck a motherless boy looking for his fa...
    Director of the film
    Brazil  2012
  • Gonzaga: De Pai pra Filho
    The story of Brazilian popular singer Luiz Gonzaga, the king of Baião, and his son Gonzaguinha, also an artist.
    Director of the film
    Brazil  2012
  • Two Sons of Francisco
    Brazil's biggest box-office hit in 2005, 2 Filhos de Francisco tells the rags-to-riches story of two poor rural boys who grew up to become one of Brazil’s biggest sertanejo (the national "country" music) singers, Zeze ...
    Director of the film
    Brazil  2005