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Alejandra Ley . He's known for The Zebra (2011), Against the Ropes (TV Series) (2023) and Everything Will Be Fine (TV Series) (2021).

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  • La usurpadora
    Two identical twin sisters, separated at birth, one truly decent but humble, the other ultra rich, conniving, and truly destructive. They soon find themselves hopelessly intertwined in each other's lives.
    Mexico  2023
  • Against the Ropes (TV Series)
    Released from prison, Ángela tries to regain the respect of her daughter, who loves lucha libre wrestling, by entering the ring as a mysterious persona.
    Mexico  2023
  • Everything Will Be Fine (TV Series)
    Created and directed by Diego Luna, this series takes place in Mexico City and is a drama that reflects on the idea of family and relationships today.
    Mexico  2021
  • Four Moons
    An eleven year-old boy realizes he feels attracted to his male cousin. Two college students develop a relationship that gets complicated when one of them refuses to come out. A long lasting male relationship is in serious trouble ...
    Mexico  2014
  • The Zebra
    Leandro and Odón want to be obregonistas and go to the north in a zebra – an animal they found in a decimated circus - thinking that it’s a “US foreign” horse. Along their trip, they have various adventures: they escape f...
    Mexico  2011