Directors Guild of America Award (DGA)

Directors Guild of America (DGA) The Directors Guild Awards are film awards given annually by the Directors Guild of America to recognize the work of its members in feature films, documentaries, television and commercials each year since 1949. The ceremony is held all the years in the city of Los Angeles, in the United States.




Full List of Directors Guild Awards (1949 to 2024)




The first Directors Guild Awards ceremony was held on May 22, 1949, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel presenting a unique award for Best Director.


Beginning in 1953, the awards were diversified by awarding special awards and achievements for television.


Voting is carried out by the members of the union, that is, by the directors and their assistants. The trophy is a medal with the Syndicate symbol.


Directors Guild Awards Statistics

Below we present updated reports and statistics of the Directors Guild Awards, taking into account the editions made from the year 1949 to 2024.


Which director has won the most Directors Guild Awards?


The directors who have won the Directors Guild award the most times between 1949 and 2024 are: Mick Jackson (4 awards), Lamont Johnson (4 awards) and James Burrows (4 awards).


Director Awards  
Mick Jackson Mick Jackson 4
Lamont Johnson Lamont Johnson 4
James Burrows James Burrows 4
George Schaefer George Schaefer 4
Alan Alda Alan Alda 3
Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg 3
Bill Hader Bill Hader 3
Gene Reynolds Gene Reynolds 3
Paul Bogart Paul Bogart 3
Thomas Schlamme Thomas Schlamme 3