Quartz Swiss Film Awards

Quartz Swiss Film Award The Quartz Awards, also known as “Swiss Film Awards”, are the most important Swiss film awards, awarded annually by the Swiss Film Academy since 1998.




Complete List of the Quartz Swiss Film Awards (1998 to 2024)



History of the Quartz Awards

The Quartz Award for Swiss Cinema was awarded for the first time in 1998 on the occasion of the Solothurn Film Festival in Switzerland. In that year only three awards were awarded.


In 2000, two new categories were created that awarded actors and actresses in the same award. Then in 2008 the categories were divided to reward male and female performances separately.


In 2004, the Special Jury Prize is created, which is not awarded every year and takes the name of the Special Academy Prize in 2013. In 2010, the Honor Prize is awarded for the first time.


In early March 2009, a televised ceremony was held for the first time, under the patronage of the Federal Office for Culture (BAK) and the newly founded Swiss Film Academy.


The Quartz Awards statuette

Previously, the “Visor” award designed by the Swiss sculptor Sylvie Fleury was awarded, which was replaced in 2008 by a sculpture made by the Swiss-Argentine artist Alfredo Häberli. It was then replaced again by the current trophy.


The current trophy is a sculpture composed of a series of pale green glass panels of different heights that form a single fluid line, forming a peculiar play of light and a great 3D effect. The work was done by the French painter and sculptor Jean Mauboulès.


Quartz Awards Rules


According to the Swiss Federal Film Law, to be nominated for the Quartz Awards, films must meet the following conditions:


The productions must be made by an author of Swiss nationality or resident in Switzerland.

They must be produced by a person domiciled in Switzerland or a company that is headquartered in Switzerland and whose funds are held by persons domiciled in Switzerland.

They should be enhanced as far as possible by interpreters and technicians of Swiss nationality or domiciled in Switzerland and by technical industries established in Switzerland.

Similarly, films eligible to compete must have been selected at a Swiss film festival or a major film festival abroad.


The “SWISS FILMS” Foundation for the promotion of Swiss cinema is responsible for establishing the films suitable for competition.


Nominations and Voting at the Quartz Awards


The productions are shortlisted by the recommendations of 280 members of the Swiss Film Academy. Then the Federal Department of Internal Affairs (FDHA) chooses a jury made up of nine members of the Academy, to choose all the nominees for the Award.


The official announcement of the nominees is usually made in January during the Solothurn Film Festival. From then until the end of February, voting members of the Swiss Film Academy will vote for their preferred nominees in each of the 11 categories of the Quartz Swiss Film Awards.


Quartz Awards Statistics


Below we present updated reports and statistics of the Quartz Awards, taking into account the editions made from the year 1998 to 2024.


What are the films that have won the most Quartz Swiss Film Awards?


The films that have won the most Quartz awards, between 1998 and 2024 are: My Little Sister (5 awards), The Circle (4 awards) and I Am the Keeper (4 awards). Here are the 10 films that have won the most Oscars:


Movie Awards  
My Little Sister (2020) 5
The Circle (2014) 4
I Am the Keeper (2014) 4
Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry (2023) 3
The Line (2022) 3
Olga (2021) 3
The Fam (2021) 3
Soul of a Beast (2021) 3
Those Who Work (2018) 3
Chris the Swiss (2018) 3

Which actor has won the most Quartz Swiss Film Awards?

The actors who have won the Quartz Award the most times between 1998 and 2024 are: Bruno Ganz (2 awards), Max Hubacher (2 awards) and Sven Schelker (2 awards).


Actor Awards  
Bruno Ganz Bruno Ganz 2
Max Hubacher Max Hubacher 2
Sven Schelker Sven Schelker 2
Mathias Gnädinger Mathias Gnädinger 1
Michael Finger Michael Finger 1
Antonio Buíl Antonio Buíl 1
Joel Basman Joel Basman 1
Patrick Lapp Patrick Lapp 1
Bruno Cathomas Bruno Cathomas 1
Kacey Mottet Klein Kacey Mottet Klein 1


Which actress has won the most Quartz Swiss Film Awards?

The actresses who have won the Quartz award the most times between 1998 and 2024 are: Sabine Timoteo (3 awards), Marie Leuenberger (2 awards) and Ursina Lardi (1 awards).


Actress Awards  
Sabine Timoteo Sabine Timoteo 3
Marie Leuenberger Marie Leuenberger 2
Ursina Lardi Ursina Lardi 1
Mona Fueter Mona Fueter 1
Celine Bolomey Celine Bolomey 1
Judith Hofmann Judith Hofmann 1
Carla Juri Carla Juri 1
Miriam Stein Miriam Stein 1
Luna Wedler Luna Wedler 1
Sibylle Brunner Sibylle Brunner 1