The Lola Deutscher Filmpreis

Lola Deutscher Filmpreis The German Film Awards, also known as the Deutscher Filmpreis or Lola Awards, are the most important film awards in Germany, awarded by 1,800 members of the German Film Academy and awarded by the head of the Federal Government for Culture and Media since the year 1951.





Full List of the Lola German Film Awards (1951 to 2024)



History of the German Film Awards

The German Film Prize was awarded from 1951 to 1998 by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and from 1999 by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.


Before 2004, the winners were selected by a commission of film professionals, although also politicians and church representatives, for which they received various critics. In 2005 the selection committee was replaced by a specialized jury.


The ceremonies carried out from 2006 to 2009, were held at the Palais am Funkturm in Berlin. From 2010 to 2013, the traditional Friedrichstadt-Palast was the venue for the award ceremony. In 2014, the event took place at the Tempodrom in Berlin and returned to the Palais am Funkturm in 2015.



In the beginning, the trophy awarded was called the Golden Shell Traveling Award, given to the best films in gold or silver.



The statuette was designed by German writer and producer Stephan Reichenberger together with New York designer Mechthild Schmidt. It was presented for the first time in 1999, and consists of a trophy in the form of a female figure wrapped in a film band. The name of the trophy is based on the role of actress Marlene Dietrich de Lola in "Der blaue Engel", also in Rainer Werner's film of the same name "Fassbinder", as well as the smash hit "Lola" by Tom Tykwer.


In the Best Film category, the trophy is awarded in gold, bronze and silver.


Selection process

The winners of the German Film Award are selected by the members of the German Film Academy. Members of all professional film groups, who have distinguished themselves for their continuous and creative work in German cinema, evaluate the current achievements of their colleagues in a three-stage selection procedure.


  1. Registration and pre-selection: at this stage, the submitted films must meet different criteria to be admitted to the pre-selection in the different categories.
  2. Choice of nominations: Shortlisted films are screened and evaluated by members of the German Film Academy. Each member selects the films according to her profession.
  3. Choice of winners: the members of the German Film Academy vote secretly and in writing for the winners of the categories. The awards are given by the Commissioner for Culture and the Media of the Federal Government of Germany.


The German Film Award is the most substantial cultural award in Germany, each nominee receives a cash award and the winners receive an additional amount. For the best film category, each nominee receives € 250,000. The winner of the Lola de Oro award in that category receives € 500,000, the silver prize € 425,000 and the bronze prize 375,000. The other categories also receive the prize in money, but with lower amounts.


The German Film Awards Statistics

Below we present updated reports and statistics of the German Film Awards, taking into account the editions made from the year 1951 to 2024.

What are the films that have won the most Lola Awards?

The films that have won the most Lola awards, between 1951 and 2024 are: The White Ribbon (10 awards), Dear Thomas (9 awards) and All Quiet on the Western Front (8 awards). Here are the 10 films that have won the most Lola awards:


Movie Awards  
The White Ribbon (2009) 10
Dear Thomas (2021) 9
All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) 8
System Crasher (2019) 8
Good Bye, Lenin! (2003) 8
Nights, When the Devil Came (1957) 8
3 Days in Quiberon (2018) 7
The Dark Valley (2014) 7
The Lives of Others (2006) 7
Gundermann (2018) 6



Which director has won the most Lola Awards?

The directors who have won the Lola del cine Aleman award the most times for Best Director between 1951 and 2024 are: Werner Schroeter (3 awards), Rainer Werner Fassbinder (3 awards) and Bernhard Wicki (3 awards).


Director Awards  
Werner Schroeter Werner Schroeter 3
Rainer Werner Fassbinder Rainer Werner Fassbinder 3
Bernhard Wicki Bernhard Wicki 3
Andreas Dresen Andreas Dresen 3
Tom Tykwer Tom Tykwer 2
Volker Schlöndorff Volker Schlöndorff 2
Helmut Käutner Helmut Käutner 2
Johannes Schaaf Johannes Schaaf 2
Fatih Akin Fatih Akin 2
Helmut Dietl Helmut Dietl 2


Which actor has won the most Lola Awards?

The actors who have won the Lola award the most times between 1951 and 2024 are: Götz George (4 awards), Albrecht Schuch (4 awards) and Alexander Scheer (2 awards).


Actor Awards  
Götz George Götz George 4
Albrecht Schuch Albrecht Schuch 4
Alexander Scheer Alexander Scheer 2
Daniel Brühl Daniel Brühl 2
Ulrich Tukur Ulrich Tukur 2
Burghart Klaußner Burghart Klaußner 2
Moritz Bleibtreu Moritz Bleibtreu 2
Justus von Dohnányi Justus von Dohnányi 2
Joachim Krol Joachim Krol 2
Wolfgang Kieling Wolfgang Kieling 2


Which actress has won the most Lola Awards?

The actresses who have won the Lola award the most times between 1951 and 2024 are: Barbara Sukowa (3 awards), Sandra Hüller (3 awards) and Katja Riemann (3 awards).


Actress Awards  
Barbara Sukowa Barbara Sukowa 3
Sandra Hüller Sandra Hüller 3
Katja Riemann Katja Riemann 3
Corinna Harfouch Corinna Harfouch 2
Martina Gedeck Martina Gedeck 2
Hanna Schygulla Hanna Schygulla 2
Irm Hermann Irm Hermann 2
Lilli Palmer Lilli Palmer 2
Hannelore Elsner Hannelore Elsner 2
Lil Dagover Lil Dagover 2