List of Movies - Sequel


  • The Marvels
    Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel, has regained the identity taken from her by the tyrannical Kree and exacted her revenge on the Supreme Intelligence. But a series of unforeseen consequences force her to bear the weight of a d...
    United States  2023

  • Suburræterna
    Available on Netflix
    While chaos rules over Rome, established alliances are at risk as tensions rise with emerging criminal clans. The world of "Suburra" takes a new turn.
    Italy  2023

  • The Wrath Of Becky
    Becky has been living off the grid for two years. She then finds herself going toe to toe against Darryl (Scott), the leader of a fascist organization, on the eve of an organized attack.
    United States  2023

  • Trolls Band Together
    Poppy and Branch are now officially, finally, a couple (#broppy)! As they grow closer, Poppy discovers that Branch has a secret past. He was once part of her favorite boyband phenomenon, BroZone, with his four brothers: Floyd, Joh...
    United States  2023

  • 30 Monedas T2
    Available on HBO
    Sequel of "30 coins". After the events of the first season, most of the inhabitants of the town of Pedraza (Segovia) are in a psychiatric. Elena (Megan Montaner) lies in a coma, in a dark hospital bed. Paco (Miguel Ánge...
    Spain  2023

  • Sayen: La Ruta Seca
    Available on Amazon Prime
    Sayen, now one of the country's most wanted criminals, arrives in the Atacama Desert following a lead in her mission against Actaeon, the multinational organization responsible for the tragic loss of her family and the destruction...
    Chile  2023

  • The Exorcist: Believer
    Since the death of his pregnant wife in an earthquake in Haiti 12 years ago, Victor Fielding has raised his daughter Angela alone. But when Angela and her friend Katherine disappear into the woods, only to return three days later ...
    United States  2023

  • Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie
    When a magical meteorite crashes in Adventure City, the Canine Patrol puppies gain superpowers that transform them into the MIGHTY PUPPIES! For Skye, the youngest of the team, her new powers are a dream come true. But things get c...
    United States  2023

  • Saw 10
    John Kramer (Tobin Bell) is back. The most disturbing installment of the Saw franchise yet explores the untold chapter of Jigsaw's most personal game. Set between the events of Saw I and II, a sick and desperate John travels to Me...
    United States  2023

  • Banlieusards 2
    Available on Netflix
    Two years after his brush with death, Demba tries to turn his life around and resist the desire for revenge. Noumouké gets involved in brawls between rival neighborhoods, and Soulaymaan, torn between his convictions and ambitions...
    France  2023

  • After Everything
    Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) is still struggling to move on. Burdened by writer's block and a painful breakup with Tessa (Josephine Langford), Hardin travels to Portugal in search of a woman he hurt in the past...and to find himse...
    United States  2023

  • Kimetsu No Yaiba: Katanji No Sato-hen
    TV Series (2023). 11 Episodes. Tanjiro journeys to a village of swordsmiths and has to explain how his sword was so badly damaged to Hotaru Haganezuka, the smith who made it. While Tanjiro waits for his sword to be repaired, enemi...
    Japan  2023

  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3
    Join the Portokalos family as they travel to a family reunion in Greece for a heartwarming and hilarious trip full of love, twists and turns.
    United States  2023