List of Movies - Biography


  • Michael
    The story of the famous musician Michael Jackson, known as the King of Pop.
    United States  2025

  • Einstein And The Bomb
    Available on Netflix
    Will combine archival footage with dramatization and explore key moments in science genius Einstein's life, and how his work have changed history's course. Everything he says in the film is taken from words he said or wrote.
    United Kingdom  2024

  • The Vince Staples Show
    Available on Netflix
    Actor and rapper Vince Staples, famous and half-rich, faces the surprises and challenges of everyday life in Long Beach, California.
    United States  2024

  • Bob Marley: One Love
    A celebration of the life and music of an icon who inspired generations through his message of love and unity. For the first time on the big screen, we discover Bob's story of overcoming adversity and the journey behind his ground
    United States  2024

  • Genius: Mlk/x
    Available on Disney+
    It centers on the formative years, accomplishments, dueling philosophies and key personal relationships of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.
    United States  2024

  • Rolling Along: An American Story
    Available on HBO
    The former NBA star and Senator recounts his life from Mississippi childhood to Princeton basketball fame, the NBA, 18 years in the Senate focused on rights, education and growth, and his presidential bid.
    United States  2024

  • Alexander: The Making Of A God
    Available on Netflix
    Alexander was King of the ancient Greek city of Macedon widely considered to be one of history's greatest and most successful military commanders and by the age of 30 had created one of the largest empires in history.
    United Kingdom  2024

  • Never Look Away
    Swashbuckling CNN combat camerawoman, Margaret Moth, risks it all to put the viewer inside the conflict. When a fateful injury gets in the way of her appetite for danger and adrenaline, Moth must find the strength to carry on.
    New Zealand  2024

  • Igualada
    Black Colombian activist Francia Márquez transforms a derogatory term, "Igualada," into a symbol of rights defiance. Her presidential campaign inspires a nation to dream of a more equitable future, challenging societal
    Colombia  2024

  • Ibelin
    Mats Steen, a Norwegian gamer, died of a degenerative muscular disease at the age of 25. His parents mourned what they thought had been a lonely and isolated life, when they started receiving messages from online friends around th
    Norway  2024

  • Black Box Diaries
    Journalist Shiori Ito investigates her own sexual assault, seeking to prosecute the high-profile offender. Her quest becomes a landmark case, exposing Japan's outdated judicial and societal systems.
    Japan  2024

  • Love Machina
    Futurists Martine and Bina Rothblatt create humanoid AI Bina48 to transfer Bina's consciousness into a robot, aiming to perpetuate their extraordinary love affair across eternity.
    United States  2024

  • Frida
    A journey into the life of iconic artist Frida Kahlo, told through her own words from diaries, letters, essays, and interviews. Brought to life with lyrical animation inspired by her artwork.
    United States  2024