List of Movies - Documentaries


  • Inhotim Arte Presente
    The series investigates the multiplicity of languages in the works of 10 great names in contemporary world art who share important works in the Inhotim museum-park.
    Brazil  TV Series2

  • Frescos
    The film "Frescos" tells about the life of the country after the collapse of the USSR and the earthquake that hit Armenia almost simultaneously. The setting is the city of Gyumri, which even today, almost 13 years later, resembles...
    Armenia  TV Movie20

  • Quad Gods
    Available on HBO
    The lives of a group of New Yorkers with quadriplegia who meet in a neuro-rehabilitation lab at Mount Sinai Hospital and create the world's first all-quadriplegic Esports team.
    United States  2024

  • Faye
    Available on HBO
    Faye Dunaway reflects on her life and candidly discusses the triumphs and challenges of her illustrious career.
    United States  2024

  • Here To Climb
    Available on HBO
    Professional climber Sasha DiGiulian rising from child prodigy to a champion sport climber, as she ultimately makes her mark by taking her talents to the biggest walls on the planet with a series of bold, first female ascents.
    United States  2024

  • Alice On & Off
    Filmed over ten years, this is the story of Alice, an unloved girl trapped in the life of a young mother. At 16 she falls in love with Dorian, 35 years older than her.
    Romania  2024

  • Weekend In Familie
    A visit to the director's hometown is the opportunity to put an end to a series of delicate and long-postponed debates on topics such as identity, the drag scene in Romania, sexual orientation and the social pressure that all this...
    Romania  2024

  • Barbitch
    After working as a webcam model in her native Colombia, Barbie, a transsexual diva fond of tattoos and the little mermaid Ariel, decides to go to Spain in search for a better life. Upon arrival she is confronted with the reality t...
    Colombia  2024

  • Lucrecia: Un Crimen De Odio
    Available on Disney+
    In 1992, the shooting murder of Lucrecia Perez, a black immigrant woman in the ruins of a discotheque in Madrid, shook Spanish society in the wake of the events of the Barcelona Olympics and Expo'92. This emblematic crime reveals ...
    Spain  2024

  • Diane Von Furstenberg: Woman In Charge
    Available on Disney+
    The life and work of Von Furstenberg, who created a name for herself in a field that was predominantly male and amassed a multi-million dollar fashion empire.
    United States  2024

  • I Am: Celine Dion
    Available on Amazon Prime
    Directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Irene Taylor, this documentary is a portrait of a pivotal time in the life and career of one of the most recognized and successful artists in pop music history, Canada's Celine Dion. It is a j...
    United States  2024

  • Kaulitz  Kaulitz
    Available on Netflix
    Twin brothers and superstars Tom and Bill Kaulitz offer a glimpse into their private lives in LA and Germany in this funny and intimate reality series.
    Germany  2024

  • Simone Biles: Rising
    Simone Biles has unfinished business. At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she was one of the biggest stories leading into the Games. But in sport, as in life, competitions do not always go as planned. And for Simone, the world had a front...
    United States  2024