List of Movies - TV miniseries


  • Seon-san
    Available on Netflix
    TV Miniseries (2024). 6 Episodes. After the death of an unknown uncle, a woman inherits a burial ground and finds herself in the center of a string of murders and dark secrets.
    South Korea  2024

  • American Nightmare
    Available on Netflix
    TV miniseries (2024). 3 episodes. After suffering an attack with kidnapping included in 2015, a couple is accused of having faked everything when the woman reappears in this docuseries.
    United States  2024

  • Echo
    Available on Disney+
    Maya Lopez must confront her past, reconnect with her Native American roots and embrace the meaning of family and community if she is to move forward. Spin-off of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's 'Hawkeye' series.
    United States  2024

  • Fool Me Once
    Available on Netflix
    Widowed mum Mya is disturbed by an image of her late husband captured on her toddler's nanny cam.
    United States  2024

  • Los Mil Días De Allende
    The story of the Salvador Allende, former president of Chile, from his presidential campaign to the day of his death on 11 September 1973.
    Chile  2023

  • Volha
    Five-part miniseries, it is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Karel Hynie. Standa Pekárek finishes his mandatory military service and becomes a driver for Czech communist television in 1971. Willing to do anything to...
    Czech Republic  2023

  • Poacher
    Available on Amazon Prime
    A group of Indian Forest Service officers, NGO workers, police constables and Good Samaritans risk their lives trying to track down the biggest elephant ivory poachers in the history of India and bring them to justice.
    India  2023

  • Pokémon: Path To The Peak
    Pokémon: Path to the Peak tells the story of Ava, who strives to enter the world of competitive Pokémon Trading Card Game play. She works alongside her family, friends, and partner Pokémon, Oddish, to rise to the very top
    China  2023

  • El Hijo Zurdo
    Lola is a mother of two children who attends the minor of them, Lorenzo, towards the darkness of a radical group. The story follows the most uncomfortable footprint, and abounds, when narrating Lola's conflict, in early motherhood...
    Spain  2023

  • The German House
    Follow Eva Bruhns, a fun-loving, naive and smitten twenty four-year-old who's life takes an unexpected turn when she is hired as a translator for the Frankfurt Auschwitz trials.
    Germany  2023

  • Stolen Youth: Inside The Cult At Sarah Lawrence
    A group of Sarah Lawrence College students fall under the influence of a friend's father, Larry Ray. The series follows the cult from its origins through its still-unfolding aftermath.
    United States  2023

  • Dreaming Whilst Black
    Kwabena is an aspiring filmmaker trapped in his recruitment job. When he is given the opportunity he's always dreamed of, is he brave enough to chase it?
    United Kingdom  2023