List of Movies from Spain

  • Through My Window: Looking at You
    After the events of the summer, Ares and Raquel they don't see a way forward in their relationship and decide to go separate ways. But when they meet again in the winter in Barcelona, the love and desire they feel for each other i...
    Spain  2024
  • As Neves
    As Neves is a Galician mountain village where everyone knows each other. On Carnival night a group of teenagers celebrate a party and get high on mushrooms for the first time. The next day they wake up to a snowstorm and the news ...
    Spain  2024
  • Buscando a Coque
    César and Teresa are a happy couple until one night she sleeps with Coque Malla, César's idol since he was a teenager. Teresa confesses it to César, but he does not know how to react. Is being unfaithful with your erotic myth s...
    Spain  2024
  • Cristóbal Balenciaga (TV Miniseries)
    6 Episodes. Balenciaga will tell the story of a man who dares to defy his social status as the son of a seamstress and a fisherman. Using his natural talent, constant work and sharp nose for business, spaniard Cristóbal Balenciag...
    Spain  2024
  • The Asunta Case (TV Miniseries)
    TV miniseries (2024). 6 episodes. On September 21, 2013 Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra report the disappearance of their daughter Asunta, whose body is found hours later next to a road on the outskirts of Santiago de Compostel...
    Spain  2024
  • El correo
    Year 2002. Ivan is an ambitious kid from Vallecas who has outgrown his neighborhood. From his position as a valet at a luxurious golf club in the capital, he will soon take his first big step: becoming a Belgian courier for an int...
    Spain  2024
  • El hombre bueno
    Vera, Juan and their daughter Manuela travel to Mallorca to spend a few days in an idyllic house in front of the sea owned by Alonso, Juan's former co-worker who, after losing his partner, decided to retire from the world. They ha...
    Spain  2024
  • Dragonkeeper
    Dragonkeeper is set in a magic, epic and classic China during the Han Dynasty. The story follows the adventures of a slave girl that becomes a true Dragonkeeper by helping the last imperial dragon in its quest across China to brin...
    Spain  2024