Amazon Prime Movies List

  • Upgraded
    Ana is an ambitious intern who dreams of a career in the art world while trying to impress her demanding boss Claire. When she is upgraded to first class on a work trip, on the plane she meets handsome Will, who mistakes Ana for h...
    United States  2024
  • Mr.  Mrs. Smith
    TV Series (2024-). 8 Episodes. The Smiths, John and Jane, have abandoned their identities to be together as partners, in espionage and in marriage. Paired by a mysterious agency that assigns them different and dangerous missions, ...
    United States  2024
  • Expats
    In the vibrant and tumultuous Hong Kong of 2014, the lives of three American women -Margaret, Hilary and Mercy- intersect after a sudden family tragedy. The series questions privilege and explores what happens when the line betwee...
    United States  2024
  • The Underdoggs
    Jaycen (2Js) Jenning, a former NFL superstar, after a run in with the law, agrees to coach a youth football team in lieu of prison in the hopes of relaunching his fledgling career.
    United States  2024
  • Kevin James: Irregardless
    Kevin James stand-up comedy special with topics including parenting, marriage, and getting older.
    United States  2024
  • Zorro
    In addition to his sense of justice, Diego de la Vega has his own personal battle to become Zorro: to discover his father's murderer. A vital purpose that will make him stop at nothing and no one to discover his identity.
    Spain  2024
  • Hazbin Hotel
    TV Series (2024-). 1 Season. 8 Episodes. In attempt to find a non-violent alternative for reducing Hell's overpopulation, the daughter of Lucifer opens a rehabilitation hotel that offers a group of misfit demons a chance at redemp
    United States  2024
  • Role Play
    Emma and Dave spice up their wedding anniversary with a night of role-play in New York City. But things turn perilous when Emma's secret life as an international assassin, unknown to Dave, is exposed by Bob, jeopardizing her famil...
    United States  2024
  • Saltburn
    An Oxford University student finds himself drawn into the world of a charming and aristocratic classmate, who invites him to his eccentric family's sprawling estate for an unforgettable summer.
    United States  2023
  • Los Farad
    It follows Oskar, who dreams of setting up a gym. He ends up entering the world of the Costa del Sol, all due to the Farads, a family that offers him a future, but with the most unexpected of trades: arms trafficking.
    Spain  2023
  • Your Christmas Or Mine 2
    They've swapped Christmas - again. Can Hayley and James' relationship survive another turbulent family Christmas or has their future together gone off-piste?!
    United Kingdom  2023
  • Merry Little Batman
    Merry Little Batman follows a kid who dresses up as “little Batman” in order to stop super-villains from destroying Christmas.
    United States  2023
  • Candy Cane Lane
    A man is on a mission to win his neighborhood's annual Christmas decorating contest. After Chris unwittingly makes a deal with a mischievous elf named Pepper to improve his chances of winning, she casts a magical spell where the 1...
    United States  2023
  • Bye Bye Barry
    The definitive story of Barry Sanders' Hall-of-Fame career and his extraordinary decision to walk away from the game in the prime of his career.
    United States  2023