Netflix Movies List

  • Blood Vessel
    Brought together by chance, six people fleeing a town devastated by oil pollution stow away on a mysterious ship — not realizing the dangers that await.
    Nigeria  2023
  • Leave The World Behind
    A family vacation takes a chilling turn when two strangers show up in the middle of the night seeking refuge from a cyber-attack that is becoming more and more terrifying. In this situation, everyone must assume their role in a cr...
    United States  2023
  • Knokke Off
    Follows a group of teenagers as they spend the summer at the Belgian seaside while searching for love, friendship and most importantly, for themselves.
    Belgium  2023
  • World War Ii: From The Frontlines
    6 Episodes. Through vividly enhanced archival footage and voices from all sides of the conflict, this docuseries brings WWII to life like never before.
    United Kingdom  2023
  • The Archies
    Set in the 1960s, based on Archie Comics that finds Indian actors taking on the beloved characters. An experience bursting with youth, rebellion, friendships, first loves, and everything young adult.
    India  2023
  • Så Var Det Jul Igjen
    Thea is going to her rural hometown to celebrate a classic Norwegian Christmas with her family, but this year she's bringing along Jashan, her Indian boyfriend, which will put everyone's preconceived beliefs and traditions on thei
    Norway  2023
  • My Life With The Walter Boys
    Jackie Howard's life is disrupted by a freak accident, she is ripped from her home and has to start over on a ranch in Colorado, with her guardian and a family of 12 boys.
    United Kingdom  2023
  • Analog Squad
    Pond is a middle-aged man who recruits various individuals to form a makeshift family to be with him at his estranged father's deathbed in an effort to make his dad proud one last time. And it was easy for him to do so, as it was ...
    Thailand  2023
  • Pax Massilia
    A group of police officers with particular methods who track down a dangerous criminal in order to prevent Marseille from plunging into a bloodbath.
    France  2023
  • Naga
    A young woman stranded in the Arabian desert races to be home before curfew under the threat of extreme punishment from her scary strict father.
    Saudi Arabia  2023
  • Fermat No Ryôri
    TV Mini-Series (2023). Giving up hope of becoming a mathematician, Gaku feels aimless until star chef Kai brings him on at his restaurant, giving him a new world to master.
    Japan  2023
  • Welkeomtu Samdalli (welcome To Samdal-ri)
    TV Series (2023-2024). 1 Season. 16 Episodes. After suffering a fall from grace, a photographer returns to her hometown and bumps into her childhood friend — rekindling an unfinished romance.
    South Korea  2023
  • Family Switch
    Jess and Bill Walker do what they can to keep the family together as their children grow older, more independent and more distant. Suddenly, a chance encounter with an astrologer means that, just on the morning of the most importa...
    United States  2023
  • Onmyōji
    TV series (2023). 13 episodes. In the opulent imperial court, Minamoto Hiromasa befriends the mystic Abe Seimei, with whom he solves complicated cases related to the world of demons.
    Japan  2023
  • Love Like A K-drama
    Four actresses from Japan move to South Korea to audition and act alongside Korean actors for roles in a series of love stories.
    Japan  2023