Lantica Media

Lantica Media is an entertainment company, known for producing. Is known for producing films such as: Z (2022), Hotel Coppelia (2021) and La Encomienda (2021).

Films produced by Lantica Media

  • Z
    United States  2022

  • Hotel Coppelia
    Residents of a Brothel in 1960's Dominican Republic resist foreign invasion and try and survive civil war.
    Dominican Republic  2021

  • La Encomienda
    Shortly after setting sail, LA ENCOMIENDA is wrecked. Alone, surviving as they can, in the immensity of that blue and monotonous world, these men will have to face, hour by hour, minute by minute, that immense sea that threatens t...
    Argentina  2021

  • A State Of Madness
    A film noir evocative Caribbean drama set in 1953 in the Dominican Republic during the cruel dictatorship of Leonidas Trujillo.
    Dominican Republic  2020