El Pampero Cine

El Pampero Cine is an entertainment company, known for producing. Is known for producing films such as: La noche (2016), Dog Lady (2015) and For the Money (2019).

Films produced by El Pampero Cine

  • Trenque Lauquen
    A woman vanishes. Two men take to the road in search of her: they both love her. Why did she leave? Each one of them has his own suspicions, and hides them from the other one who—mysteriously—never truly becomes his rival. Nei...
    Argentina  2022

  • For The Money
    A miserable Argentine troupe of actors, dancers, musicians, film-makers and a girl embark on a theatre tour to some country, probably in Latin America. If ever love and money were irreconcilable, 'For the Money' is the story of th
    Argentina  2019

  • La Flor
    "La flor" is broken into six separate episodes, connected only by an on-screen appearance by Llinás explaining the film's structure. The first four episodes have the beginning of a story but finish in medias res. The fi...
    Argentina  2018

  • Dog Lady
    A woman walks through the field. Surrounding her, the dogs run, and whirl, and roll, and spread all over the frame, undoing fiction like the legendary Penelope's weaving. Further, the world, and the outskirts. Seasons, day and nig...
    Argentina  2015