Emmy Awards

Emmy The Emmy Awards are the most important awards in American television, awarded annually by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences of Los Angeles, California of the United States since 1949, to recognize the best American programs, series and television professionals.




Full List of the Emmy Awards (1967 to 2023)




In 1949, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences decided to create the Emmy Awards. The name "Emmy" comes from the term "Immy", as the tube of video cameras was called to convert the image into an electrical signal, which were very common in television cameras of that time.


The first edition of the Emmy Awards was held on January 25, 1949 at the Hollywood Athletic Club, but only nominating programs produced and broadcast in Los Angeles.


In the 1950s, the awards expanded and became a national event, giving awards to programs produced and broadcast throughout the United States.


In 1974, the Emmy Awards were divided into Primetime Emmy Awards, which honor American television programs in primetime (primetime) and the Daytime Emmy Awards, which award daytime programs.


There are also other divisions of the Emmy Awards, such as the Sports Emmy, which recognize sports broadcasts, the International Emmy Awards, which recognize international programs produced and broadcast outside of the United States, and the Hispanictime Emmy Awards, which honor television programs. Spanish-speaking American television.



The Emmy Awards trophy was designed by American engineer Louis McManus. The figure is a statue in the shape of a woman (Louis's wife was the model for the statuette) with wings holding an atom, symbolizing the support of the Academy towards art and television science, the wings represent the muse of art and the atom science.


Primetime Emmy Awards

The Primetime Emmy Awards are awarded in recognition of excellence in television programming in the United States during Primetime (primetime or prime time). The ceremonies are held annually in early September, after the television seasons end in June and before the start of the new fall seasons.The first ceremony was held in 1949 in Los Angeles.


There is an Emmy Awards ceremony that recognizes the excellence of the technicians (art directors, costume designers, photographers, casting directors, sound editors, etc.) that takes place in separate ceremonies that take place a few days before the Creative awards Arts Primetime Emmy.


Daytime Emmys Awards

The Daytime Emmy Awards are presented in June, in recognition of the best programs on American daytime television. The first separate ceremony honoring just these shows was held in 1974 in Los Angeles.


As with the Primetime Emmys, a separate Creative Arts Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony is held a few days before to reward technicians.


Sports Emmys Awards

Sports Emmy Awards are given to recognize sports programs. The ceremony takes place every spring in New York.


As with the Primetime and Daytime Emmys, a separate Creative Arts Sports Emmy awards ceremony is held a few days before to reward technicians.


International Emmys Awards

The International Emmy Awards are presented to recognize the best television shows broadcast outside of the United States. The ceremony is held annually at the New York Hilton.


There are also three categories that reward the interactivity of international programs and are awarded during a separate ceremony that takes place during the MIPTV audiovisual market in Cannes.


Other Emmy Awards


There are other areas of influence related to the Emmy Awards, such as:


  • News and Documentary Emmy.
  • Technology and Engineering Emmy (organizations and individuals who have promoted the technological and mechanical development of the television arts).
  • Student Emmys (awarded by high school and college students - program discontinued and attached to Regional Emmys).
  • Regional Emmys (20 regional chapters within the United States, recognizing excellence in regional markets and local programs).



Primetime Emmy Awards Statistics

Below we present updated reports and statistics of the Emmy Awards, taking into account the editions made from the year 1967 to 2023.


Note: In the following reports we only consider the categories of the Primetime Emmy Awards. The technical categories awarded in the Creative Arts Emmy Awards are not considered.


Which TV Series Have Won the Most Emmy Awards?

The series that have won the most Emmy Awards, between 1967 and 2023 are: Mary Tyler Moore (23 awards), Frasier (20 awards) and Cheers (19 awards). Here are the 10 television series that have won the most Emmy Awards:


TV series Awards  
Mary Tyler Moore 23
Frasier 20
Cheers 19
The Sopranos 18
Hill Street Blues 18
All in the Family 18
The West Wing 17
Modern Family 16
Succession 15
Taxi 14


Which actor has won the most Emmy Awards?

The actors who have won the Emmy Award the most times between 1967 and 2023 are: Edward Asner (5 awards), John Lithgow (4 awards) and Bryan Cranston (4 awards).


Actor Awards  
Edward Asner Edward Asner 5
John Lithgow John Lithgow 4
Bryan Cranston Bryan Cranston 4
Jim Parsons Jim Parsons 4
Peter Dinklage Peter Dinklage 4
Tony Shalhoub Tony Shalhoub 4
Michael J. Fox Michael J. Fox 4
David Hyde Pierce David Hyde Pierce 4
Dennis Franz Dennis Franz 4
Kelsey Grammer Kelsey Grammer 4


Which actress has won the most Emmy Awards?

The actresses who have won the Emmy the most times between 1967 and 2023 are: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (8 awards), Allison Janney (7 awards) and Tyne Daly (6 awards).


Actress Awards  
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Julia Louis-Dreyfus 8
Allison Janney Allison Janney 7
Tyne Daly Tyne Daly 6
Candice Bergen Candice Bergen 5
Doris Roberts Doris Roberts 5
Maggie Smith Maggie Smith 4
Laurie Metcalf Laurie Metcalf 4
Helen Mirren Helen Mirren 4
Regina King Regina King 4
Helen Hunt Helen Hunt 4