Disney+ Movies List

  • Star Wars: The Acolyte
    Long before the adventures of Luke, Leia and Han Solo, long before Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader, the Star Wars universe is set in a galaxy of dark secrets and emerging powers of the dark side in the final days of the High R...
    United States  2024
  • Kaiser Karl
    6 Episodes. It chronicles the rise of legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld in the Parisian fashion world of the 1970s and his rivalry with Yves Saint Laurent's partner, Pierre Berge, as well as his love affair with Jacques de Bascher
    France  2024
  • Queenie
    Queenie Jenkins is a 25-year-old British Jamaican living in South London, but she finds herself caught between two cultures and unable to fit in perfectly. After a messy breakup with her longtime boyfriend, Queenie looks for comfo...
    United States  2024
  • Camden
    Set in the epicenter of London's music scene, Camden reveals untold stories about the influence this corner of the city had on the personal and professional lives of some of the world's most iconic artists. We'll explore Camden's ...
    United Kingdom  2024
  • The First Omen
    A young American woman is sent to Rome to begin a life of service to the church, but encounters a darkness that causes her to question her faith and uncovers a terrifying conspiracy that hopes to bring about the birth of evil inca...
    United States  2024
  • Marvel Studios' Assembled: The Making Of X-men '97
    In the early 1990s, apart from regular readers of Marvel comics, few had heard of Rogue, Beast, Gambit or Wolverine. But that sad reality changed forever when "X-Men: The Animated Series" premiered on television and shoc...
    United States  2024
  • The Beach Boys
    A celebration of the legendary band that revolutionized pop music and created the harmonious sound that personified the California Dream.
    United States  2024
  • Doctor Who: Fifteenth Doctor
    The Time Lord known as the Doctor travels through space and time with his companions, having incredible adventures and facing dangerous enemies.
    United Kingdom  2024
  • The Simpsons: May The 12th Be With You
    It's Mother's Day and Marge Simpson joins the moms of Disney+ on a special holiday outing that turns into an epic galactic adventure filled with heroes, villains and a surprising old friend.
    United States  2024
  • Las Largas Sombras
    A group of women whose stable, successful lives are suddenly shaken by the appearance of the mortal remains of one of their high school classmates, who disappeared during their senior trip to Mallorca twenty-five years earlier.
    Spain  2024
  • Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story
    The history of Bon Jovi, featuring personal videos, photos, and music provide a look at Jon Bon Jovi's life and the band's journey from New Jersey clubs to global fame.
    United States  2024
  • Shardlake
    The year is 1536. Lawyer Matthew Shardlake's life is turned upside down when Thomas Cromwell sends him to investigate a suspicious death at the remote monastery of Scarnsea. Deception and corruption are the order of the day and it...
    United Kingdom  2024
  • Star Wars: Tales Of The Empire
    A vengeful young woman and a former Jedi navigate the ruthless Galactic Empire during different eras, their divergent choices shaping their fates in a rapidly changing galaxy.
    United States  2024
  • The Fable
    TV Series (2024). 24 Episodes. When you're the infamous 'genius killer' hitman The Fable, many things come easy. Being a normal person, however, isn't one of them. In fact, being told that he can't kill anyone for a while may just...
    Japan  2024