Amazon Prime Movies List

  • 99
    3 episodes. Miniseries about Manchester United's iconic 1999 season, in which they won the treble. Despite dominating British soccer throughout the 1990s, manager Alex Ferguson had yet to achieve European glory for Manchester Unit...
    United Kingdom  2024
  • The Blue Angels
    The veterans and newest class of Navy and Marine Corps flight squadron go through intense training and into a season of heart-stopping aerial artistry.
    United States  2024
  • Maxton Hall - Die Welt Zwischen Uns
    Ruby Bell, a scholarship student, becomes a witness to an explosive secret at Maxton Hall Private School. This inconvenience will make James Beaufort, a tremendously arrogant millionaire heir, is forced to deal with it. For better...
    Germany  2024
  • Them: The Scare
    TV Miniseries (2024). 8 Episodes. The story centers on LAPD Homicide Detective Dawn Reeve, who is assigned to a new case: the gruesome murder of a foster home mother that has left even the most hardened detectives shaken. Navigati...
    United States  2024
  • The Idea Of You
    Solène, 40-year-old divorced mother, braves the heat to go with her daughter to Coachella, after her dad cancels his trip with his 15-year-old. There, she meets the lead singer of a band.
    United States  2024
  • Fallout
    TV Series (2024-). 1 Season. 8 Episodes. Based on one of the most important video game sagas of all time, it is the story of the haves and have-nots in a world where there is virtually nothing left to have. 200 years after the apo...
    United States  2024
  • Dinner With The Parents
    TV Series (2024-). Two brothers in their 20s go to their parents' house for dinner every week and somehow get over it without physically dying of embarrassment.
    United States  2024
  • Música
    Follows a young man very passionate about music. He has to come to terms with an uncertain future while balances his loving life, family and Brazilian culture in New Jersey.
    United States  2024
  • Dinner Party Diaries With José Andrés
    James Beard Award-winner, celebrity culinary pioneer and revered philanthropist José Andrés comes to the small screen like you've never seen him before. In this special, Andrés invites stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Bryan Cranston and...
    United States  2024
  • Boku No Itoshii Youkai Girlfriend
    The extraordinary Japanese folklore of 'Yokai' and 'Otaku', as a strange relationship of love and mystery is sparked between a lonely college student Tadashi who wants nothing more than to find a girlfriend, and Izzy, a Yokai girl...
    Japan  2024
  • Hope On The Street
    Revolves around J-hope's origin story and love for dancing as he begins a new journey in the 12th year of his professional career.
    South Korea  2024
  • The Baxters
    Elizabeth and John Baxter, and their adult children go through the ups and downs of life, with and without God.
    United States  2024
  • Frida
    A journey into the life of iconic artist Frida Kahlo, told through her own words from diaries, letters, essays, and interviews. Brought to life with lyrical animation inspired by her artwork.
    United States  2024
  • Reina Roja
    TV series (2024). 7 episodes. With an IQ of 242, Antonia Scott is officially the smartest person on Earth. Her intelligence earned her the 'Red Queen' of a secret, experimental police project, but what seemed like a gift turned in...
    Spain  2024
  • Ricky Stanicky
    When three teens pull a prank and burn down a house in their neighborhood, they create a fake person to take the blame -- Ricky Stanicky did it! Twenty years later we see that they have been using this alibi to get out of every un...
    United States  2024