List of Movies - Fantasy


  • My Mother's Eyes
    Both Hitomi and her daughter Eri are cellists who are involved in a traffic accident, leaving Hitomi without sight and Eri paralyzed. While Hitomi wears contact lenses equipped with a camera and Eri wears virtual reality glasses, ...
    Japan  2023

  • Voyager
    A truck driver discovers a bottle containing mysterious pills that, after taking them, allow him to leave his body and explore the world outside the limits of his physical being.
    Spain  2023

  • Zhong Kui
    The Chujiu girl accidentally discovers the truth that Mo Bai, the lord of Heyang City, is a monster and is persecuted. At the critical moment, Zhong Kui, the master demon hunter of the underworld, came to the rescue. Chu Jiu then ...
    China  2023

  • Body Of The Mined (s)
    A quiet young woman moves into a new building and meets a lonely engineer who is about to complete a strange and extraordinary machine.
    United States  2021

  • Trans
    Minyoung Go is a girl who dreams of becoming a transhuman by transmitting electric shocks to her brain. After facing serious assault from the "Taeyong Ma" gang, she plans to get revenge on the boys who harass her for having an eat
    South Korea  2021

  • Realm Of Terracotta
    An underground world is full of strange creatures, they not only live with terracotta warriors and horses, but also various bronze relics. The battle between Dixian and the warriors drags on. The hero Meng Yuan is a warrior from ...
    China  2021

  • New Happy Dad And Son 4
    When a child's imagination meets artificial intelligence, what magic spark will it collide with? One night, the son, who was sad and frustrated for the whole day without success, accidentally activated the artificial intelligence ...
    China  2021

  • Acide
    An ominous cloud is slowly moving inland, forcing the population to run away. As the cloud keeps on moving forward inescapably, panic strikes. The cloud is acid.
    France  2018

  • It's A Mess
    A chance encounter with a peculiar character (Vincent D'Onofrio) , helps two 'Lost Sisters' survive the darkness of night.
    United States  2018

  • Mr. Sushi
    In a post-apocalyptic world, a masterless samurai finds serenity in selling sushi from a food truck in the desert.
    United States  2018

  • Pari
    Pari is a supernatural horror film in which a man attempts to help a woman named Ruksana, an abuse victim, who he found chained up in a hut.
    India  2018

  • Abnormal Attraction
    In a world where mythical creatures are real, monsters and humans are forced to coexist; and as prejudice and insecurity pulls everyone apart, three separate storylines manage to come together.
    United States  2018