List of Movies - Comedy


  • Les Pistolets En Plastique
    During a trip to Denmark, a man is arrested and accused of murdering his wife and three children. Though maintaining his innocence, he remains jailed as police investigate.
    France  2024

  • Volveréis
    A couple decides to separate after twenty years together. As it is by mutual agreement and they get along well, both decide to celebrate their breakup by throwing a party to which they invite their family and friends. But when the...
    Spain  2024

  • Sister Midnight
    In Mumbai, an arranged marriage spirals into darkness as the spineless husband watches his wife morph into a ruthless, feral force within their marital confines.
    United Kingdom  2024

  • Bakeneko Anzu-chan
    'Ghost Cat Anzu' turns on Karin, 11, left by her father at the home of her grandpa, a small town monk living in the Japanese countryside. Her grandfather asks Anza, his ghost cat, to look after her.
    Japan  2024

  • Eephus
    As an imminent construction project looms over their beloved small-town baseball field, a pair of New England rec-league teams face off for the last time. Tensions flare up and ceremonial laughs are shared as an era of camaraderie...
    United States  2024

  • Ma Vie Ma Gueule
    Facing a mid-life crisis, Barbara "Barbie" Bichette embarks on a journey to Scotland to find herself again.
    France  2024

  • The Balconettes
    As a heat wave brings a Marseille neighbourhood to the boil, three roommates gleefully meddle in the lives of their neighbours from their balcony. Until a late night drink turns into a bloody affair.
    France  2024

  • Vingt Dieux
    Totone, 18 years old, spends most of his time drinking beers and partying in the Jura region with his group of friends. But reality catches up with him: he has to take care of his 7-year-old sister and find a way to make a living....
    France  2024

  • Gou Zhen
    On the edge of the Gobi desert in Northwest China, Lang returns to his hometown after being released from jail. While working for the local dog patrol team to clear the town of stray dogs before the Olympic Games, he strikes up an...
    China  2024

  • Le Procès Du Chien
    Avril, a young lawyer specializing in the defense of animals, is ready to do anything to save her client, a recidivist dog, from capital punishment. Between belief in justice and growing difficulties to bear the contempt of humans...
    Switzerland  2024

  • Rumours
    The leaders of seven wealthy democracies get lost in the woods while drafting a statement on a global crisis, facing danger as they attempt to find their way out.
    Canada  2024

  • L'amour Ouf
    Follows an improbable relationship between two people. A girl from an upper-middle-class family and a boy from a modest background fall in love but drift apart; he eventually becomes a criminal and spends 12 years in prison.
    France  2024

  • Marcello Mio
    Chiara Mastroianni, pressured from all sides by the figure of her father, decides to bring him back to life through her own self. She goes by the name of Marcello, dresses like him and asks to now be considered an actor, not an ac...
    France  2024

  • Anora
    Anora, a young sex worker from Brooklyn, gets her chance at a Cinderella story when she meets and impulsively marries the son of an oligarch. Once the news reaches Russia, her fairytale is threatened as the parents set out for New...
    United States  2024

  • Emilia Perez
    Mexico, today. Lawyer Rita receives an unexpected offer. She has to help a feared cartel boss retire from his business and disappear forever by becoming the woman he's always dreamed of being.
    France  2024