List of Movies - War


  • Unicorn Wars
    An army of bear cubs is training and indoctrinating young recruits for the war against the unicorns, which threatens the safety of the cubs. Brothers Bluet and Tubby, along with a group of inexperienced recruits, are sent on a dan...
    Spain  2022

  • Sisu
    When an ex-soldier who discovers gold in the Lapland wilderness tries to take the loot into the city, Nazi soldiers led by a brutal SS officer battle him.
    Finland  2022

  • Achrome
    The naïve Maris joins the Wehrmacht during the Nazi occupation of the Baltic states, together with his brother and several others from the village. The barracks are in a monastery, and Maris – whom everyone views as a fool – ...
    Russia  2022

  • Lang Qun
    During one of the missions, of the Wolf Pack squad led by Lao Diao who are engaged in overseas security work for a long time discovers that foreign terrorist forces have extended their reach into China's energy lifeline.
    China  2022

  • Im Westen Nichts Neues
    Available on Netflix
    A young German soldier's terrifying experiences and distress on the western front during World War I. Premiere at TIFF 2022
    Germany  2022

  • Burial
    A small group of Russian soldiers have the task of taking Hitler's discovered remains back to Stalin in Moscow.
    United Kingdom  2022

  • Krigsseileren
    The sailor Alfred is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean when World War II breaks out. Suddenly the sailors are in the front of the war, without any weapons.
    Norway  2022

  • Hansan: Yongui Chulhyeon
    Follow-up to 2014's The Admiral: Roaring Currents, which explores the historic Battle of Hansan Island.
    South Korea  2022

  • Tirailleurs
    During World War I, a father enlists himself in the French Army in order to be with his 17-year-old son who was recruited against his will. Sent to the front, they find themselves facing the war together in the French colony of Se
    France  2022

  • Masters Of The Air
    Available on Apple TV+
    Based on the book by Donald L. Miller, “Masters of the Air” is said to follow the true, deeply personal story of the American bomber boys in World War II who brought the war to Hitler’s doorstep.
    United States  2022

  • Ju Ji Shou
    The film follows the real-life story of a 22-year-old sniper named Zhang Dagong, who battled U.S. troops during the Korean War, killing or injuring a record 214 American soldiers in 32 days
    China  2022

  • Emancipation
    Available on Apple TV+
    A runaway slave forges through the swamps of Louisiana on a tortuous journey to escape plantation owners that nearly killed him.
    United States  2022

  • Warhunt
    A US Army plane flies over Germany's Black Forest in 1945. It's suddenly enveloped by a swarm of crow feathers. As the aircraft plummets toward the ground, the airmen glimpse the feathers converging to form a mysterious woman in b
    United States  2022

  • Vikings: Valhalla (tv Series)
    Available on Netflix
    Follow-up series to 'Vikings' set 100 years afterward and centering on the adventures of Leif Erikson, Freydis, Harald Hardrada and the Norman King William the Conqueror.
    United States  2022

  • Our River...our Sky
    Baghdad. The last week of 2006. All over the city, people of different religions are being forced out of their homes on a daily basis and neighborhoods are being divided by concrete walls. At night, under curfew, the residents rem...
    Iraq  2021