List of Movies - Drama


  • Michael
    The story of the famous musician Michael Jackson, known as the King of Pop.
    United States  2025

  • Palm Royale
    Available on Apple TV+
    TV series (2024-). 1 season. 10 episodes. In 1969, an ambitious woman aspires to cross the line between the haves and have-nots to secure her seat at America's most exclusive, fashionable, and treacherous table: Palm Beach high so
    United States  2024

  • Renegade Nell
    Available on Disney+
    Accused of murder, Nell Jackson finds herself forced to live on plunder and expedients with her two sisters. Helped by a brave spirit named Billy Blind, she realizes that fate has not led her astray by chance as she will cross pat...
    United Kingdom  2024

  • Da Ponte Pra Lá
    Available on HBO
    The social and cultural differences between young people from the periphery and those from the center of big cities, showing the challenges faced by young people in poetic battles, including trap and rap in São Paulo.
    Brazil  2024

  • The Baxters
    Available on Amazon Prime
    Elizabeth and John Baxter, and their adult children go through the ups and downs of life, with and without God.
    United States  2024

  • Fabbricante Di Lacrime
    Available on Netflix
    Within the walls of the Grave, the orphanage where Nica grew up, a legend has always been told: that of the maker of tears, a mysterious craftsman, guilty of crafting all the fears and anxieties that inhabit the hearts of men. But...
    Italy  2024

  • Por
    Available on Netflix
    Former friends Xavier and Yuva meet again in college as adversaries when their respective cohorts come to blows during their annual cultural festival.
    India  2024

  • Crooks
    Available on Netflix
    Charly's quiet life with family in Berlin disrupted when past associates threaten them, forcing him to steal coin. Charly and driver Joseph, fatefully collided, now flee with family to escape danger.
    Germany  2024

  • Ronja Rövardotter
    Available on Netflix
    TV Series (2024-). The adventures of a young girl born into a band of robbers in a medieval Scandinavian fortress. As Ronja grows up, she learns that the surrounding forest can be a magical and sometimes dangerous place filled wit
    Sweden  2024

  • The Beautiful Game
    Available on Netflix
    An English football team travels from London to Rome to take part in the Homeless World Cup competition. At the last minute, the coach decides to include the talented striker Vinny in the team. However, the young man with a promis...
    United Kingdom  2024

  • Le Salaire De La Peur
    Available on Netflix
    Four men are hired to transport nitroglycerine through South America without the appropriate safety equipment.
    France  2024

  • Sathu
    Available on Netflix
    Three young and ambitious entrepreneurs must find a way to repay a mountain of debt from their failed startup, when they stumble upon an unthinkable "business" opportunity exploiting people's beliefs in religion for mone
    Thailand  2024

  • Shirley
    Available on Netflix
    A portrait of Shirley Chisholm, a pioneering political icon who became the first black congresswoman and the first black woman to run for the US presidency, and the cost to her of these achievements.
    United States  2024