List of Movies from Mexico

  • The day everything changed
    Mario, used to be a man who had planned a happy future with his wife; until one night, a robbery ends up taking her life. From that moment on, his only objective is now to avenge on those who took away his happiness.
    Mexico  2024
  • Sujo
    When a cartel gunman is killed he leaves behind Sujo his four-year-old son. The violence looms over Sujo at every stage of his life in the Mexican countryside. Sujo matures and he discovers that evading his father's destiny is una
    Mexico  2024
  • Todas menos tú
    A tight-knit group of friends can't live without each other, that is until one of them announces their marriage. In the midst of dealing with this change, they stumble upon the perfect chance to throw a wrench into the wedding pre
    Mexico  2024
  • Upon Open Sky
    Two teen brothers and their newly-met stepsister take a road trip to the Mexico-U.S. border in a tense revenge journey to track down the man responsible for the accident that caused their father's death.
    Mexico  2023
  • All the Places
    An estranged brother and sister reunite at their father's funeral and make a spur of the moment decision to fulfill their childhood dream of driving across Mexico on their old motorbikes.
    Mexico  2023
  • Adolfo
    When Momo, Hugo and his cactus, Adolfo, meet one night, they are heading in opposite directions. Their peculiar encounter will not only magically change the course of their lives, but also encourage them to warmly embrace the beau...
    Mexico  2023
  • Sorcery
    On the remote island of Chiloé in the late 19th century, an Indigenous girl named Rosa lives and works with her father on a farm. When the foreman brutally turns on Rosa's father, she sets out for justice, seeking help from the k...
    Mexico  2023
  • Cindy la Regia: The High School Years (TV Series)
    Cindy is a sharp and restless teenager from San Pedro Garza García. Being in a mixed school for the first time, she questions her ideas about a conservative society and learns that pleasing herself is more important than pleasing
    Mexico  2023
  • Confessions
    A young child from an affluent Mexico City family go missing. At night, hours after the disappearance, a man arrives at the family home to discuss the child’s return. The terms are not monetary, rather a confession from one fami...
    Mexico  2023