Fantastic Factory

Fantastic Factory
Founder(s): Brian Yuzna, Julio Fernández
Headquarters: Barcelona
Country: Spain Spain
Fantastic Factory is an Spanish entertainment company, known for producing. Its headquarters are located in Barcelona, Spain. Is known for producing films such as: Darkness (2002), Romasanta, the werewolf hunt (2004) and Arachnid (2001).

Films produced by Fantastic Factory

  • La Monja (the Nun)
    Six 15-year old girls are boarders in a sinister school where they spend every single day terrorised and maltreated by a fearsome nun. One day the nun discovers that one of the girls is pregnant. Totally scandalised by this turn ...
    Spain  2005

  • Rottweiler
    In 2018, in Spain, the prisoner Dante (William Miller) escapes from a prison and is chased by a robot dog. He tries to reach the city of Puerto Angel, where he left his beloved girlfriend Ula (Irene Montalà). While running away, ...
    Spain  2005

  • Beneath Still Waters
    Two boys make a pact to do something brave, crazy and dangerous. They will see their town one last time before a man-made lake floods it forever, burying it under the deep lake.
    Spain  2005

  • Romasanta, The Werewolf Hunt
    Galicia, 1850. More and more people are disappearing. The leyend of the Werewolf of Allariz expands throughout the land. Barbara and her sister live in a house in the forest. They only feel safe when a travelling vendor by the nam...
    Spain  2004

  • Beyond Re-animator
    Everyone's favorite mad scientist Herbert West is currently in jail after having state's evidence turned against him by his former assistant, Dan Cain. While being led away, some re-agent falls from his pocket where it is picked u...
    Spain  2003

  • Darkness
    There's something in this house... Something ancient and dark that remains still, hidden and silent. It can only wait, having been concealed in the shadows for years. In fact, its milieu is darkness. Only in it can it show itself ...
    Spain  2002

  • Faust: Love Of The Damned
    An artist, John Jaspers sells his soul to the mysterious "M" in order to get revenge on the people who killed his girlfriend. Soon, he realizes everything has a price, and he is transformed into a horned demon with a passion for k...
    Spain  2000