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Alberto López . He's known for Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang (2013), Unit 7 (2012) and Spanish Affair (2014).

All Movies of Alberto López

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  • Mariachis (TV Series)
    Follow the dramatic comedy as it reflects on the way Mexican traditions are kept alive through music.
    Character:  Doctor Parto 1 episode, 2022
    Mexico  2023
  • Operación Camarón
    Sebas, a newly appointed policeman with a talent for classical music, goes undercover.
    Spain  2021
  • Toro
    Toro (Spanish for "Bull") is a young con man and the right hand of Romano, a powerful mob boss in Torremolinos, Málaga (Andalusia, south to Spain). After Toro decides to leave Romano to get a life free of crime, his las...
    Character: Nandi
    Spain  2016
  • Down There (TV Series)
    How could a shy guy from the North expect that a mother in a coma, a chatty nurse ´from the South and a hospital kitchen could be the perfect ingredients for a happy life?
    Spain  2015
  • Spanish Affair 2
    Amaia after breaking up with Rafa, fells in love with a Catalonian. Koldo her father goes to Sevilla to persuade Rafa to go to Catalonia and take Amaia's heart back.
    Spain  2015
  • Spanish Affair
    A comedy about a rich kid from Andalusia who passes himself off as Basque in order to win the heart of the only woman who ever resisted his charms. Rafa (Dani Rovira) has to travel to the north of Spain to follow Amaia (Clara Lago...
    Character: Joaquín
    Spain  2014
  • Marsella
    Sara -a biological mother- and Virginia -a foster mother- share a 9-year old daughter, Claire. When the girl was just four, Sara lost her custody because of her problems with alcohol and drugs. Instead she went to live with Virgin...
    Character: Rafa (Hermano Sara)
    Spain  2014
  • Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang
    Zipi and Zape are grounded and have to spend the summer at Esperanza, a brainwashing school directed with an iron fist and eye-patch by the terrible Falconetti.
    Character: PeloCohete
    Spain  2013
  • Unit 7
    UNIT 7 has a tough assignment: to clean the most dangerous drug trafficking networks out of the city and bring an end to the corrosive power that has taken hold of the streets. A detail of four, the unit is led by Ángel (Mario Ca...
    Character: Yonki Pelirrojo
    Spain  2012