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Iñaki Ardanaz . He's known for Wounded (La herida) (2013), Ana by Day (2018) and Some Time After (2018).

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  • Camino
    Regitze no longer speaks to her father, Jan. But when they both discover that Regitze's mother's dying wish was for them to follow the Camino de Santiago, the two set out on the 260-kilometre journey together.
    Denmark  2023
  • La Loca Y El Feminista (S)
    The Mad Woman and the Feminist is a conversation with no return. A conversation about what the exercise of feminism means and the use that we give to a word that has become fashionable, also among men. A couple's conversation abou...
    Spain  2022
  • I Don’t Like Driving (TV Series)
    6 episodes. Series that tells comedy the experience of taking the driving license to the forties. Inspired by the director's own experience.
    Spain  2022
  • Ane Is Missing
    Lide works as a security guard at a railway construction site, a project that has unleashed a wave of protests. As she returns home after a long night shift, she discovers that her teenage daughter, Ane, is not there. Her worry pu...
    Spain  2020
  • Ana by Day
    What would you do if one day you realize that a double, a doppelganger, similar to you has taken your place in life and nobody even suspects that she is not you? If all your obligations, all your duties, are being made by that ‘...
    Character: Iván
    Spain  2018
  • Lasa eta Zabala
    October 1983. Young Basque refugees Joxean Lasa and Joxi Zabala disappear in Bayonne without a trace. It will be another twelve years until their bodies, murdered and buried in quicklime, are identified and a long, tortuous invest...
    Character: Marrero
    Spain  2014
  • Wounded (La herida)
    Ana (Marian Álvarez) is 28. She feels useful and satisfied in her routine work helping others. Nevertheless, outside of her working day, Ana has serious problems relating to people. She is socially awkward and even aggressive tow...
    Character: Camarero Hotel
    Spain  2013
  • Horizonte (S)
    The world as we knew it, it's over, There's only ashes. In a desperate attempt to reunite the family, Anne and her mother embark on a dangerous journey. They will face the creatures that dominated the earth and a monster even more...
    Spain  2012