Pedro Lacerda

Profession: Actor
Pedro Lacerda
Birthdate: February 04, 1971
Country: Portugal Portugal
Horoscope: Aquarius


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Pedro Lacerda Nominations & Awards


Pedro Lacerda is an Portuguese Actor. He has nominated for an Sophia Awards. He's known for Madre Paula (Serie TV), Pilgrimage (2017) and Axilas (2016).

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  • Causa Própria (TV Series)
    After the murder of a local student, a small town judge faces an unexpected dilemma: now her actions can put her family at risk.
    Portugal  2022
  • Everybody loves Jeanne
    Everybody has always loved Jeanne. These days, she hates herself. Up to her ears in debt, she has to go to Lisbon and sell her mother’s apartment, who passed away one year ago. At the airport, she runs into Jean, a whimsical and...
    France  2022
  • Terra Nova - O Filme
    Inspired by "O lugre" and "Nos Mares do Fim do Mundo" by Bernardo Santareno, this is the story of a captain of a Fishing Freighter, fishing on the shores of Newfoundland who decides to risk sailing to Greenland in search of more f...
    Character: Albino
    Portugal  2020
  • Terra Nova
    Terra Nova is a period series that follows the daily lives of families in the fishing communities of the Portuguese coast in the 1930s. A 13-episode Cinemate production, filmed in Portugal and the North Sea, deals with the live...
    Character: Albino
    Portugal  2020
  • The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis
    Literary adaptation which imagines the last months, in 1936, of Fernando Pessoa using the name Ricardo Reis: Against the European politics of that year he has romantic encounters at a hotel in a constantly rainy Lisbon.
    Portugal  2020
  • The art of dying far away
    It is a story about a couple who have been married for many years and a turtle. The couple, about to divorce, share things they had together. Finally, there is a turtle that they raised and each one claims that the turtle is not t...
    Character: Arnaldo
    Portugal  2020
  • Quero-te Tanto!
    A romance comedy about a nonconformist couple of young parents who, looking for a solution to their fragile financial situation, is involved in an innocent and crazy scheme.
    Portugal  2019
  • Imagens Proibidas
    David envisions an unusual project, he tries to recreate the love between two women who can only know each other through the Polaroid photos he takes of them.
    Character: João
    Portugal  2018
  • Parque Mayer
    The film revolves around the Parque Parque Mayer, a place where you can feel all of Portugal. The action takes place in 1933, year of the approval of the New State Constitution, which limits the freedom of expression of all those ...
    Character: Amadeu
    Portugal  2018
  • Pilgrimage
    In March 1537, Fernão Mendes Pinto escaped the misery and confines of his life and sailed to India seeking fame and fortune. This adventure film is about the trials and triumphs of an adventurer who was also a writer, traveller, ...
    Character: Capitão Fusta
    Portugal  2017
  • Madre Paula (Serie TV)
    Paula is a humble girl. The father, for financial reasons, sends her to the convent. She obeys, but her destiny is not to dedicate her life to God. King Juan V of Portugal has an unhappy marriage and it is in the convent of Odivel...
    Character: Stieff