Sitges Film Festival

Sitges Film Festival The Sitges Film Festival, also known as the International Film Festival of Catalonia, is a film festival that has been held annually in the city of Catalonia, Spain, since 1968. It is one of the most important film events in Europe and it is the first festival dedicated to fantasy and horror cinema in the world.


The main venue of the festival is the Auditorium of the Hotel Melià Sitges, with a capacity for 1,384 spectators. However, since 2020 other venues have been established such as: the El Retiro Cinema, the Prado Cinema, the Brigadoon - L'escorxador building, the Tramuntana room of the Melià hotel, the Miramar Building, San Sebastián Beach, the emblematic Palace of Maricel and the Hort de Can Falç Garden.


In addition to the screening of films and short films, the festival organizes other parallel activities such as presentations by filmmakers, actors and special effects professionals, gastronomic activities or the well-known ZombieWalk. For children, Fantastic Kits workshops are organized to familiarize them with the language and film process.


In the city of Sitges, due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, you can sail, have the leisure options of the marina or enjoy seafood cuisine.




Complete list of editions of the Sitges Film Festival (1968 to 2023)





The first edition of the Sitges Film Festival was held in 1968, as an initiative of the City Council of the time and the president of the Cine Foto Antonio Rafales association, to attract more tourists in the city's low season.


Sitges Film Festival statistics

Below we present updated reports and statistics of the Sitges Film Festival, taking into account the editions made from the year 1968 to 2023.


Which actor has won the most awards at the Sitges Film Festival?

The actors who have won the most awards at the Sitges Film Festival between 1968 and 2023 are: Sam Rockwell (3 awards), Burgess Meredith (2 awards) and Kôji Yakusho (1 awards).


Actor Awards  
Sam Rockwell Sam Rockwell 3
Burgess Meredith Burgess Meredith 2
Kôji Yakusho Kôji Yakusho 1
Brian Cox Brian Cox 1
Eduard Fernández Eduard Fernández 1
Joel Edgerton Joel Edgerton 1
Daniel Radcliffe Daniel Radcliffe 1
Michael Gambon Michael Gambon 1
Rafe Spall Rafe Spall 1
Stephen Rea Stephen Rea 1


Which actress has won the most awards at the Sitges Film Festival?

The actresses that have won the most awards at the Sitges Film Festival between 1968 and 2023 are: Elena Anaya (1 awards), Julianne Moore (1 awards) and Imogen Poots (1 awards).


Actress Awards  
Elena Anaya Elena Anaya 1
Julianne Moore Julianne Moore 1
Imogen Poots Imogen Poots 1
Andrea Riseborough Andrea Riseborough 1
Noomi Rapace Noomi Rapace 1
Rosanna Arquette Rosanna Arquette 1
Cécile De France Cécile De France 1
Geraldine Chaplin Geraldine Chaplin 1
Juno Temple Juno Temple 1
Essie Davis Essie Davis 1



Which countries have won the most awards for Best Film at the Sitges Film Festival?


Country Awards  
United States 13
Canada 6
France 6
United Kingdom 5
Australia 3
Hungary 2
Finland 2
Japan 2
Argentina 1
Iceland 1