Stockholm Film Festival

Stockholm Film Festival The Stockholm Film Festival, also known as the Stockholm International Film Festival, is a film festival that has been held annually in the city of Stockholm, Sweden, since 1990. The festival is run by a non-profit organization of the same name with the support of the Stockholm City Council, the City of Stockholm and the Swedish Film Institute.


The film festival takes place in November each year and shows around 150 films from different countries.


The festival aims to highlight young filmmakers. On average, one out of every three films at the festival is made by a newcomer and only directors who have made a maximum of two films can participate in the competition section. It also seeks to broaden the range of high-quality and innovative films, to give visitors an orientation to modern cinema and stimulate debate, through conferences and seminars.


The Stockholm International Film Festival also organizes the Stockholm Youth Film Festival for children and young people in April and the Stockholm Sommarbio Film Festival in August. For five nights, films are screened outdoors in the Rålambshovsparken park.




Complete list of editions of the Stockholm Film Festival (2012 to 2022)




The first edition of the Stockholm Film Festival was held in 1990, at the initiative of the Swedish businessman and producer Ignas Scheynius, the designer Kim Klein and the director Git Scheynius.


Since the completion of the first festival, a scholarship for short films has been awarded. It also became the first Nordic film festival authorized by FIAPF (Federation of Film Producers Associations) and was granted the right to have an international critical jury from FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Press).



The Stockholm Film Festival statuette is made of bronze and weighs 7.3 kilos, making it the heaviest film award in the world. The bronze horse was created by designer Fredrik Swärd and represents the Swedish horse Dala.


Prizes are awarded in a total of fourteen categories. The Bronze Horse statuette is awarded in four categories: Best Film, Best Documentary, Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award, and Stockholm Visionary Award. The aluminum horse is divided into six different categories. Past winners include Quentin Tarantino, Lauren Bacall, David Lynch, Wes Anderson, Terry Gilliam, David Cronenberg, Paul Schrader, and Todd Solondz.


Stockholm Film Festival statistics

Below we present updated reports and statistics from the Stockholm Film Festival, taking into account the editions made from the year 2012 hasta 2022.


Which actor has won the most awards at the Stockholm Film Festival?

The actors who have won the most awards at the Stockholm Film Festival between 2012 and 2022 are: George MacKay (1 awards), Tim Roth (1 awards) and Kévin Azaïs (1 awards).


Actor Awards  
George MacKay George MacKay 1
Tim Roth Tim Roth 1
Kévin Azaïs Kévin Azaïs 1
Emir Hadzihafizbegovic Emir Hadzihafizbegovic 1
Josh O\ Josh O\'Connor 1
Koudous Seihon Koudous Seihon 1
Welket Bungué Welket Bungué 1
Victor Polster Victor Polster 1
Bartosz Bielenia Bartosz Bielenia 1
Serhii Filimonov Serhii Filimonov 1


Which actress has won the most awards at the Stockholm Film Festival?

The actresses that have won the most awards at the Stockholm Film Festival between 2012 and 2022 are: Susanne Wuest (1 awards), Antonia Zegers (1 awards) and Ruth Wilson (1 awards).


Actress Awards  
Susanne Wuest Susanne Wuest 1
Antonia Zegers Antonia Zegers 1
Ruth Wilson Ruth Wilson 1
Katherine Waterston Katherine Waterston 1
Jasmine Trinca Jasmine Trinca 1
Jasna Zalica Jasna Zalica 1
Nina Hoss Nina Hoss 1
Saskia Rosendahl Saskia Rosendahl 1
Julija Steponaityte Julija Steponaityte 1
Michaela Kurimsky Michaela Kurimsky 1


Which countries have won the most Best Film awards at the Stockholm Film Festival?


Country Awards  
Germany 2
France 2
Denmark 1
Ukraine 1
Peru 1
Canada 1
Bulgaria 1
Norway 1
United Kingdom 1


Which countries have won the most Best Documentary awards at the Stockholm Film Festival?


Country Awards  
United States 3
China 2
Switzerland 1
Norway 1
Latvia 1