List of Movies - Crime


  • Under The Bridge
    Available on Disney+
    TV series (2024). 8 episodes. Reena Virk, a fourteen-year-old girl, went to join her friends at a party and never returned home. Seven teenagers and one boy were accused of the savage murder.
    United States  2024

  • Maxxxine
    Follows Maxine, survivor of the bloody incidents of X, as she continues her journey towards fame to be an actress in 1980s Los Angeles. Release date (USA): July 5, 2024.
    United States  2024

  • Presumed Innocent
    Available on Apple TV+
    TV miniseries (2024). 8 episodes. A horrific murder shocks the Chicago District Attorney's Office when one of their own is suspected of the crime. The accused must fight to keep his family together... Miniseries remake of the 1990...
    United States  2024

  • Kolory Zła: Czerwień
    Available on Netflix
    A Tri-City beach becomes a place of dramatic discovery when the sea washes up the body of a young girl. The victim's unusual mutilation points to murder. The investigation is headed by an ambitious and tenacious prosecutor, Leopol...
    Poland  2024

  • Les Pistolets En Plastique
    During a trip to Denmark, a man is arrested and accused of murdering his wife and three children. Though maintaining his innocence, he remains jailed as police investigate.
    France  2024

  • To A Land Unknown
    A Palestinian refugee living on the fringes of society in Athens gets ripped off by a smuggler and sets out to seek revenge.
    Greece  2024

  • Algo Viejo, Algo Nuevo, Algo Prestado
    Set in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, the film zooms in on the Felpeto family running a clandestine gambling business for decades until police raids threaten their dynasty and a secret of their late father comes to light. Rosselli...
    Argentina  2024

  • Les Prisonnières
    The wives of two inmates serving time in the same penitentiary develop a surprising kinship.
    France  2024

  • Eat The Night
    Young drug dealer Pablo and his sister Appoline bond over an online game called Darknoon. Pablo falls for Night, neglecting his sister. While Appoline finishes the game, Pablo and Night become embroiled in a dangerous gang conflic
    France  2024

  • Santosh
    A government scheme sees newly widowed Santosh inherit her husband’s job as a police constable in the rural badlands of Northern India. When a low-caste girl is found raped and murdered, she is pulled into the investigation unde...
    United Kingdom  2024

  • The Shameless
    After killing a cop in a Delhi brothel, Renuka takes refuge in a northern India community of sex workers. There, she begins a forbidden romance with the 17-year-old Devika. Against all odds, they try to forge their path to freedom
    Bulgaria  2024

  • Jiang Yuan Nong
    She’s Got No Name is based on one of the most famous unsolved murder cases in China. Taking place in a bustling alleyway during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai in the 1940’s, the film centres on a wife, Zhan-Zhou (Zhang Zi...
    China  2024

  • Emilia Perez
    Mexico, today. Lawyer Rita receives an unexpected offer. She has to help a feared cartel boss retire from his business and disappear forever by becoming the woman he's always dreamed of being.
    France  2024